Ketubah Texts and Fonts

We’re happy to offer a variety of ketubah texts to reflect your connection to Judaism. If you'd like to make small changes, even whole sentences, between texts, that's no problem at all. Making larger changes or if you want to write your text is also fine, but I charge a $60 translation fee if you want the changes reflected in the Hebrew. The Orthodox text is in traditional Aramaic and the Conservative texts have a mixture of Aramaic and modern Hebrew. All three have English translations. The remaining texts are in modern Hebrew with English translations.

Conservative A
Conservative B
Alternative / Interfaith A
Alternative / Interfaith B
Alternative / Interfaith C
Alternative / Interfaith D
Alternative / Interfaith E
Secular / Humanistic

Below you’ll find font pairings that I have chose based on my own design aesthetic and ten years experience creating digitally rendered ketubah texts. Some fonts just go better together than others! When you fill out your intake form, kindly indicate the number of the pairing you prefer.