From one chocolate addict to another... / by Susie Lubell

So I've been asked to do some product endorsements in the two years that I've been blogging and I never have because I'm just not into it. It's not what I write about. That said, if some magical thing has become a part of my daily routine or has saved me from fill-in-the-blank horrible situation, then maybe I'll make mention. For instance, after months of drinking agonizingly awful coffee from our old coffee maker I finally, on a whim, bought a Bodum french press right off the shelf at Starbucks. I didn't even price shop online. I did no research. Nothing. I just went in for a latte and came out with the french press and have not been back in for a latte ever since. Which sort of makes me want to write a letter to Starbucks to tell them they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot by selling french presses in their stores. But what do I know. Just that in my house we drink good coffee now.

But back to product endorsement. Not really my thing. Although I feel compelled to tell you about some pretty fantastic chocolate I've been eating that, according to my husband's Aunt Jenny who sells the chocolate (in addition to being a world-class poet, urban chicken farmer and home organizing professional), is so packed full of good things for your body and soul, namely omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants (acai berries and maybe even snozberries...), it's a crime NOT to eat it in large quantities. I bought some of these chocolate orange squares (my favorite flavor combo of all time) that are amazingly tasty and have no cholesterol and no sugar. She's been eating three a day for the last month or so and says she has LOST WEIGHT, her nails appear more healthy, she doesn't have cravings for sweets all the time (that's my problem), she's sleeping better at night and she makes a nice big poop every morning. A NICE BIG POOP people. I mean, she had me at chocolate orange, but I'll take the regular bowel movements too because, let's be frank, plumbing's not what it once was after the babies wreaked havoc on my insides. So she sells it and I buy it. Time will tell if these little chocolates can overhaul this tired person. I'm willing to eat AS MUCH CHOCOLATE AS I HAVE TO just to find out. That's just the kind of person I am. Always making sacrifices...

And, no, Jenny has not promised me a lifetime supply for posting this endorsement for her (although my birthday IS just around the corner...). I just believe in her and her entrepreneurial approach to riding out the recession. Bravo!