How Popsicles Saved the Day / by Susie Lubell

My daughter is sick. She's had a fever on and off for the last few days and I'm kind of getting tired of it and I KNOW she's getting tired of it. I've been giving her Motrin to bring down the fever which has been working only she HATES this medicine. My son, on the other hand, is volunteering to have a squirt. I'll add this to the list of how very different they are. So the only way I can get her to take the medicine is if I promise her she can have a Popsicle after.

I know, you're thinking three big sticks a day? Just have all her baby teeth removed surgically and be done with it? (remember big sticks? from lunchtime?) But my friend Nathalie turned me onto these Popsicle minis that are not only really little and only about 40 calories each, but they have extra gelatin and maybe a little bit of candle wax to keep them from dripping. It's the perfect summer food. So she takes the medicine and gets a Popsicle. And then we usually give one to boy because now he's really mad that he A). didn't get any medicine and B). wasn't offered a Popsicle.

So the last few days they've had a Popsicle every six hours. So that's a lot of Popsicles. But now she's got the exercise down. She's even dispensing to her dolls.

And we're left with a lot of mini Popsicle sticks and time on our hands so we made puppets. And tonight at dinner my son performed the story of the peacock who was so mad at the chicken for waking him up in the morning that he launched him up into the sky on a spaceship for the moon.

And the whole cast takes a bow. The end.