Running on Fumes / by Susie Lubell

Today I'm exhausted. Between the sick child (still sick!), drop off for the last day of preschool before the big transition to a new school, having blood and urine drawn so I can get life insurance before I turn 36 in two weeks, filling a landslide of print orders after a seven year famine in August, strolling my daughter to Starbucks only so I could place my order and then realize I had forgotten my wallet because I took it out of my bag to show the Quest Diagnostic dude my ID, rushing out to the frame shop to get frames for the prints I made for my kids' preschool teachers, wrapping presents, going to pick up my kid and realizing my daughter probably has an ear infection, sobbing at school with their teachers because it's the last day even though they still babysit for us but anyway it seemed a little gut-wrenching at the time, speeding over for her appointment, handing the kids off to my husband so I could make 6:30 dinner reservations with my preschool mom buddies and stopping at Starbucks at 10:00 pm to pay off my morning debts, I need a vacation. Thankfully I get one starting Saturday. How did I do all this when I worked full-time?

* bonus picture of kids running