A visit to Artsyville / by Susie Lubell

When I was in high school I loved my chemistry teacher. His name was JP. We knew his last name was Pfitzner but it was never clear what his first name was. He was probably in his seventies. Maybe he was in his fifties and I just thought he was in his seventies because I was sixteen and totally out of touch with reality. He was kind of a little guy and had a thick German accent and anyone who had him over the forty some odd years that he taught at Foothill High School can tell you that a MOLE is the molecular weight expressed in grams. And that MOLARITY is moles over liters and that stoichiometry is both impossible to do and impossible to spell. He used to start class by saying YOU MAY REMEMBER...and the class would chime in, THOUGH I DOUBT IT. We loved him. And he loved someone he called FP. That was his wife. No one knew her name except that it was FP though we certainly enjoyed guessing. And then finally one day and told us what the letters stood for.

Favorite Person.

BFF was before his time I guess. And while I admire JP's devotion to FP, one FP does not work for me at all. One husband works great but I need a whole army of FPs. Because the alternative is being surrounded by a mess of annoying, uninspiring people. No thanks. So whenever a new FP comes into my life I have to just thank my lucky stars. And this new FP is the Mayor of Artsyville. Her name is Aimee and she is a gifted artist and writer and we've been bonding over what we go through balancing creativity and parenting and sometimes merging the two. She has two little ones also. And her work, no matter what your day has been like, gets you out of yourself for a moment and gives you a lift. This one especially resonated this morning:

And I'm an especially lucky girl because I recently received a bundle of happy from Artsyville. I took some pictures but since Aimee's are so much better than mine I'll just post hers. I mean just image my delight when my set of groovy doodle goods arrived...