Mountain Time / by Susie Lubell

I am loving Mountain Time. Ever since we went to Santa Fe and the kids got used to going to sleep an hour earlier - even two - I have had entire evenings to do with what I please. It's amazing the difference between putting them to bed at 9:30 and putting them to bed at 8:30. It's the best freaking hour ever. I'm delirious about this hour. And it just worked out that now sunset is happening earlier anyway so the kids don't question the shift. They don't even know! And this whole week they've been falling asleep without the usual hassles. I don't have to repeat the sleep tricks for the hundred millionth time. And they don't call me back to sing one more song or one more kiss or I have to pee or go get Aba or I want to sleep with your crocs (this was a real request). And here's the kicker: they don't wake up any earlier! They wake up at 7:00 am! So they're sleeping an extra hour! Providence! Today, in fact, they fell asleep in the car at 6:00 on our way home from a friend and slept for a solid hour. Any parent will tell you this is kiss of death. A nap at 6:00?! Forget it. You're screwed for the next two days. But they woke up as we were pulling in and I told them to get ready for a bath. We had the bath and I got them in the jammies, made them their snack , read them two stories, brushed their teeth and they were in bed by 7:50 and asleep by 8:15 which is my personal best. If my competitive side takes over the kids will be asleep by 6:30 come November.