Corner View - LOVE / by Susie Lubell

Time for another corner view and this week it's all about the L word which in our case stands for LAWNMOWER. That's right. And what comes after capital L but capital M which stands for Monday. And why do we LOVE Mondays so much in our household, despite the fact that we have to wake up for school and work and dress two squirrely kids and make lunches and hustle out of the house when we'd rather be lounging around in our pajamas for an extra day of weekend? Because of the guy who mows the lawn at the school across the street. Our corner view is literally of an elementary school yard and my kids LOVE nothing more than to wait and watch for Mr. Lawnmower to pull up in his humongous lawn mowing monstrosity and cruise back and forth making nice patterns in the grass. He always comes on Mondays and my kids always greet him with a wave and a shout (but only if they're fully dressed and done with breakfast. That's the part I love). He never hears them because he's wearing industrial grade ear muffs to dull the deafening noise but he always smiles and waves and my kids adore him.

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