Corner View - Souvenir / by Susie Lubell

So I've been following Spain Daily for the last few weeks on the recommendation of Aimee from Artsyville and it's been a lot of fun to see what all is going on for Jane in Spain (falls mainly on the plain). She's an American living in Spain for the last seventeen years and the rest of us are living vicariously through her. Anyway, she started "corner view" or at least I think she did and every Wednesday she posts photos of her "corner view" based on the topic from the week before and then posts the topic for the week ahead. I decided to join, of course on the toughest week. The topic for today was "souvenir". As in, what's a typical souvenir from where you live. And I laughed to myself that the only thing people come to Mountain View to do is pick up their paycheck. Or a burrito from world famous La Costena's (right next to La Costco).

But today after preschool, I stopped to take some pictures on our way home. When people come here for important meetings with, say investors, or professors at Stanford or lord knows who (former Secretaries of State, for instance), sometimes they stop here...

...and pick up a microchip keychain or something. And then they head over here for their VIP tour including a tet-a-tet with Larry and Serge.

But, of course, everyone who works there isn't really working. They ride their Google bikes across Google street over to the Google field to play Google ball. It's enough to make you spew-gle.

Not especially inspiring. Not for me anyway. But it does mean that there's free wireless all over the city. What do you think about that Jane? Pretty rad, huh.

And now to see some really neat corner views, go to the side bar on Spain Daily and collect some souvenirs...