From the Mishmish archive / by Susie Lubell

This one is an oldie but a goodie. It's a piece I painted in 1998. I was living in Tel Aviv at the time. I think I was also unemployed. And my boyfriend lived in another city. And my bike had just been stolen. I shared an apartment with two Israeli women who were frantically studying for the Israeli Bar exam so always had classmates over and were always shouting. It was hot as hell and sticky like a wet cat. We had an air conditioning unit that was in the living room but we never used it because we were cheap. And the cool air didn't really reach into the bedrooms anyway. Plus my room was more like a converted balcony so it had horrible insulation and we referred to it as the swamp. I used to put my whole sheet in the shower before bed and then bring it dripping into the bedroom to put over me so that I could cool down. It would be dry by morning. And petrified in the shape of two boobs and two feet. Good times. I didn't have a computer back then so I passed the time watching CNN, walking to the beach, painting and wishing I had friends. With all of that in mind it's kind of curious that this piece is so cheery. Maybe it will bring you some cheer too. Look for it soon on ETSY.