Corner View - Street Photography / by Susie Lubell

Arab Market

We're in the midst of preparations to leave for Israel on Monday so instead of a Corner View of where we're at, here's a Corner View of where we're going. This is a typical street scene from the Arab Market in Jerusalem's Old City where my husband and I always go to have fresh squeezed orange or carrot juice, a delicious meal of pita, ful, hummus and salad chopped up as tiny as possible and plenty of local olive oil. It's right next to the Armenian guy who sells old photos of Jerusalem so we always stop by to admire. Sometimes have tea. Although he'll talk your ear off. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And then we get kenafe (cheese, pistachio and honey) for dessert at Jabar's which is a little closer to Damascus Gate and in the quarter where we're not super welcome, politically anyway. It's been two years since our last visit. I'm hoping to gather inspiration for some new work. In fact, a friend there just told me she's taking me to a restaurant in the Jaffa flea market where everything's for sale. Even the table you're eating off of! They just add it to the bill. Genius! I feel inspired already.

So I may not post for a while. We'll see how it goes. Or maybe I'll post a bunch at 4am as we muddle through a 10 hour time difference with our kids. Oy.

Now head over to Spain for more street photography.