Discomblogulated / by Susie Lubell


You'll have to be patient with me for the next little while as I figure out my blog. I have a vision of what it should look like but I'm not a designer so I'm having technical issues actualizing my vision. I'm making it up basically.

My blog has been essentially the same since I started it nearly three years ago until this summer when I began adding pictures. Novel! So I was downloading them from my camera, and then uploading them to Blogger. But they were too big. So I was downloading them from my camera, optimizing them in Photoshop and then uploading them to Blogger. But then I wouldn't like them so I'd upload another one but I come to find the original is still stored somewhere in Picasa which I don't use. And I don't want my pictures there. I want them on Flickr. I don't know why except that I once posted a few of my paintings on Flickr and next thing I knew a guy from Italy purchased one on ETSY that he saw on Flickr and I was all, hmmmm....So now I download from my camera, optimize in iPhoto, save in my blog file, upload to Flickr, write a blog, go back and copy the location of the image, paste it into blogger and publish. THERE MUST BE AN EASIER WAY. I just tried to blog straight from Flickr and it was formatted crazy and that's when my head came off. Someone please put my head back on. I'm the cute brunette in this picture.