Three / by Susie Lubell


Dear Sugar Bee,
Today you turned three. How lucky I am to have you in my life. Here are a whole bunch of things that I love about you:
  1. the way you hug my neck
  2. how you share with your big brother
  3. your voice
  4. how you sob when Aba leaves the house
  5. how you snap out of it twenty seconds later
  6. your sense of style
  7. your belly
  8. the way you know how to calm yourself
  9. the way you dance
  10. when you say I love you so much mommy
  11. how you potty trained yourself (that was really considerate)
  12. the way you march
  13. your silly words
  14. your curls
  15. how you worry about your brother
  16. the way you skip seven and ten when you count
  17. your indiscriminate love of stuffed animals
  18. the way you snuggle in the mornings
  19. your willingness to try new foods
  20. your ability to forget what you were crying about
  21. your friendly demeanor
  22. your love of tiny things and tiny places to keep them
  23. the intensity in your eyes when you run
Every day with you is a blessing. Even the days when you draw on the walls or change your shirt six times or won't let me brush your hair. Those are the days that I learn the most from you. To have fun. To be patient. To let go.

all my love,