A Feast / by Susie Lubell




Today was a beautiful day. We went for a walk in the foothills outside of Jerusalem and brought a picnic. It rained a lot in February so everything was covered in wild flowers which my kids collected in Savta's vitamin boxes. When we got to the perfect spot, which incidentally also overlooked the general area where David beat Goliath, my sister in law, aka Mary Poppins, engaged the kids in some pita-making festivities. No, seriously. She and her boyfriend brought a gas stove and a flat pan and the kids made pita! And it was tasty! Plus they brought home-made olives, garden-grown vegetables and a jam that her boyfriend’s mom made. And there just happened to be a goat farm nearby that sold cheese. So our little picnic became a feast of biblical proportions. And then a snake came by and offered us apples, I turned into a pillar of salt and the earth swallowed us whole. But it was worth it.