Corner View - Miniature world / by Susie Lubell


When Jane asked for suggestions last week for miniature worlds I thought ant hill off the top of my head and then what do we come across the very next day while hiking at Nahal Absor in the Negev? Dozens and dozens of anthills where gargantuan ants spend all day every day hauling bits of our world into their miniature worlds. I wish I had a picture of my thumb next to these puppies because for whatever reason, maybe the toxic chemical plant nearby, they grow bigger than your average city ant.


But not as big as these suckers. The very next evening we went out for a walk at a nearby kibbutz where they have a huge sculpture garden and we came across gigantic ants! So I had to snap those too.Before they gobbled me up!

For more miniature worlds, visit Jane's sidebar. Happy trails!