Blessings / by Susie Lubell

Nest Blessing

I'm getting ready to do a teeny tiny show at our JCC for Israeli Independence Day which is Tuesday. I'm not even really sure what it will be exactly but my guess is that there will be some food and some kids stuff and a bunch of artist booths. So I signed up. It was $35 and I figured, what the heck. I mean, it's four hours, low key, in my town, my husband is babysitting. And I'm borrowing a few giant grid panels from my friend Melissa which makes it so much easier. So I've been printing some inventory and gathering up what all goes into a show. Even a tiny one. It's kind of like camping I guess. You might as well go for a week since it requires the same amount of crap as one night.

And the thing is that I know better. I've done a few tiny shows. And they've all sucked. All of them. One was for the Junior League. Horrible. One was for some synagogue thingy. Four people came. Maybe five. And one was at this chi-chi kids boutique where I got two parking tickets and sold three things and my babysitter ended up making more money than I did. By a lot.

But, I'm kind of new to the school and I figure this requires little effort and I think it might be a good market for me. Plus, the last bunch of events I attended there were full of people. So I turned my Nest ketubah into a home blessing for the occasion and printed a few. This version is different than the blessing I currently have in the shop. It says:

May this home be a place
of happiness and health,
of contentment,
generosity and hope.
A home of creativity
and kindness.
May those who visit
and those who live here
know only blessing and peace.

Make mine a double right?

Another noteworthy development - you can purchase gift certificates to Mishmish Market on ETSY. There's a button with an apricot over there on the right that links you to Paypal. Hopefully it works.

And last, thanks to those of you who got your hackles up for me to kick some mommy ass at preschool. I think I just had an idea for a new kind of violent video game rated M for mature where moms have gnarly catfights at the school yard. Or at a fundraising meeting. The kind where you pick your weapon. Mine would be hot latte to the face. Or french-manicured dagger nails. I'm calling Electronic Arts STAT.

p.s. I finished another suburban monster. stay tuned.