Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. / by Susie Lubell

Rejoice in Jerusalem, all who love her.  - Isaiah

This is a piece that I painted as an anniversary gift to my future in-laws when I was living in Israel. It's from 1998. I had been dating their son for about a year maybe. It would be another three years before we got engaged and another year and a half after that before we were married. Boy was I patient once upon a time. So this piece is old. But new to you! And new to my shop. Because I borrowed it from them. Well, they actually brought it with them on this last visit so I could scan it and offer it in my Spirit and Verse collection. And the blue. Well there's blue in the painting. Every shade I think. And we're every shade of blue to see my mother-in-law go. She was a major help this week while my kids were off of school. They brought along another painting that I'd given my sister-in-law in 1999. I'll post that one too. From the "toppling Jerusalem buildings" period.