Treasured / by Susie Lubell

Blue Skies Treasury

I made my first ETSY treasury today while on a break from painting. I've been meaning to make one for a long time but it used to be kind of painful and difficult and life's hard enough without waiting til 2am to snag an open treasury spot. I'm up late enough a it is. And let's just say that I'm not planning to apply for a merchandising job over at Anthropolgie or anything, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Plus, these are all works by folks I really like and in some cases absolutely treasure.

Go here to see the whole thing and then click on everything and leave us some love.

Who's who:
Maya from Spring Tree Road makes the juiciest hand-spun yarn you'll ever see. And her photography is terrific. She even wrote a little tutorial on her blog to get that macro lens look without having a macro lens.

Valentina Ramos makes gorgeous pen and ink drawings. And lately she's doing all kinds of 3D stuff that I am loving. Plus she's bursting with positive energy, if you're into that kind of thing. She's addictive.

Michal is someone I actually met (!) in Israel. She sells at a biweekly open air market in Tel Aviv and everytime we visit I buy something from her. This time I got up the courage to introduce myself and we gabbed about ETSY because she'd just opened a shop. There's just something about colored enamel and silver that makes me giddy.

Rachel is one of those rare people you come across who fills you up with her words and thoughts and her gift for capturing moments. We've been meaning to do a trade now for months but I simply cannot choose.

I don't know Stephanie but I love her work. We have similar trajectories, at least the American moving abroad after college and meeting a local and staying for a while part of it. She's been in Germany for 13 years (maybe more now) and I left Israel after a five year stint. Anyway, I was introduced to Aimee through her blog so if I ever make it to Munich I'm going to buy her a big fat strudel.

And then Jen. Polaroid toting, wine sipping, book making Jen. I love the simplicity in Jen's work. It's like she's a Scandinavian trapped in America. Plus she's funny as all get out. And she loves a good adventure which makes me think that there's a chance we will meet one of these days...

Aimee. Aimee and I have exchanged emails longer than some of the papers I wrote in college. For real. She is genuine, brave, intuitive and hilariously funny - all of which comes out loud and clear in her magnificent doodles.

Amy from Elemental is a metalsmithing mama and her comments on this blog continue to crack me up. She's also inspired  me to take baby environmental steps so I, and mother earth, owe her a debt of gratitude.

I met Catherine at a local craft fair. My kids were close to breaking half the stuff on her table so we had to scoot along but I loved all of the little birdies and insects that she incorporates into her work. She even has a plate with cockroaches on the top. I love a potter with a sense of humor.

I just ordered two or Pixie's prints and when I get my act together I will frame and hang them in my studio. Pixie is honest and authentic and he work is so full it's overflowing. Plus her emails are spit out my coffee funny. And I don't miss a blog post.

I don't know PolishedTwo but I have one of her necklaces and I love it.

And Lori. I love Lori's style. I love her attitude, her openness. She once sent me a card of a woman in prayer pose and I return to that image when my chakras get out of line. Go look at her shop and get some happy.

There are four more in this treasury that I couldn't manage to nap in the screen capture. But if you go to the link you'll find them. One is mine. Hi. Two others I don't know but I admire their work. Laura George was suggested to me in what I think is a new part of ETSY favorites. I guess they suggest artist based on who you've already added as a favorite. Neat. And Nina In Vorm is someone I came across through Aimee. Finally there's Jane who's blog Spain Daily is one of my favorites. She's an expat living in Spain and has a great eye for catching daily life where ever she is in the world and a big heart for connecting lots of other cool people. You will love her too.