Dawn til Dust / by Susie Lubell

Sawdust Festival 8

One of my favorite places to visit in southern California is Laguna Beach, especially in the summertime when a funky little alcove at the base of the Laguna Hills about a mile from the ocean becomes a quirky art fair called the Sawdust Festival. And as the name would suggest, the floor is covered in sawdust creating a very rustic atmosphere. I have been going to this place every summer since I was a kid and I think what makes it so unique is that it's all summer long and that the artists really spare no expense to create what amounts to a pop up gallery in a place that is otherwise pretty empty. (You can see a little fast speed video of building the festival on the front page of the website). I'm doing my first big show in October so I'm trying to get ideas for my booth and of course most of these booths are totally irrelevant because they're actual structures, but it was still inspiring. I snapped some pictures while my mom watched the kids make stuff with clay in the workshop area.

Sawdust Festival 1

Sawdust Festival 2

Sawdust Festival 3

Sawdust Festival 4

Sawdust Festival 5

Sawdust Festival 7

Sawdust Festival 6