Six / by Susie Lubell


Hi kiddo,

I haven't written in a while. I used to write you letters on your birthday but after we had your sister that kind of yearly obligation was more than I could handle. But you and your antics did inspire me to start this blog so that kind of counts for something. I can't hardly believe that you're already six. SIX! That's like 42 in dog years. You're almost as old as Uncle Aaron! We don't always see eye to eye on things, like how often you should wear your green J Camp tee shirt or whether marshmallows make for a nutritious breakfast, but we sure do have a connection, you and me. For better or worse, we are locked in tight. Here are the things I love about you lately.
  1. The way you crack an egg.
  2. Your singing voice.
  3. Your loyalty to your (stuffed) kitty.
  4. Your enthusiasm for electricity and science.
  5. The way you draw fingers.
  6. Your love of shoes (this kind of bugs me but I can totally relate).
  7. Your heart.
  8. Your goodnight secrets.
  9. The way you look just like your Grandpa.
  10. Your imagination.
  11. The way you still crawl into our bed in the morning.
  12. Your willingness to try new foods (that's new!)
  13. Your compassion.
  14. The way you memorized every word to the Oompa Loompa songs.
  15. Your spirituality. 
  16. That your favorite birthday present was the label maker.
  17. The way you are unapologetically your awesome neurotic self. 
I love you.