Daily Schedule Derailed by Astrological Shift / by Susie Lubell


If I was still a Virgo I'm sure that I'd have been able to keep to my new daily schedule and I'd have four or five new paintings by now. I'd get through each day in my usual focused fashion and move from slot to slot like the obsessive pedantic creature that I thought I was. But it turns out I am a LEO. A LEO,  people? For the love of ginger! This makes no sense. It's a whole new world order. No wonder I have been so self absorbed lately. And luxuriating in my bed despite the repeated reminders by my 6am alarm. I'm a lion! I don't have time for schedules. I'm too busy ruling the jungle.

Nonetheless, I did manage to finally get started on a suite of paintings that celebrate the sabbath. Which reminds me. Time for a cat nap.

Did your zodiac sign change? I'm not sure what to make of it. Except that maybe it's time to ditch moody, organized and judgmental in favor of enterprising, courageous and confident. Plus affectionate. Prrrrrr.....