Studio Tour / by Susie Lubell


Remember when Mr. Rosen and I were working on turning our garage/office/guest room into more of a studio? And he wanted to kill me for just moving ahead willy nilly? And I wanted to kill him for not understanding my vision and sense of urgency? Yes. Good times.

I never did post any pictures of the final product. Including the best part - THE MURPHY BED. Hand-built by Mr. Rosen himself. Well I have some shots now but only because I cheated. We just had our house staged, as in we paid a guy to bring in a crap load of attractive furniture and make our house look appealing to the masses. Such silliness. But apparently this practice pays you back in spades. My mother-in-law sent me this recent NY Times article about staging and that's why I went out and bought $1200 worth of Italian shoes. To trick someone into buying my fabulous house and fabulous lifestyle. Right.

Anyway, they also staged the studio, though happily everyone was fine with me keeping my corner as is (albeit tidied up) and all of my production supplies available so I could keep working while we show the house. Mr. Rosen was not so lucky and all of his crap, including his desk and shelves, went into storage. So really it does look very close to the real thing except now instead of two desk areas, there's only one and a little "reading nook". The funniest part is that the stager, a lovely gay man from San Francisco, grabbed two books from my closet to display. "Creating a Life Worth Living" and "What to Expect the First Year". Maybe he thought they were both about making and raising babies. Or maybe he thought they were both about starting your own business. Titles can be deceiving. And so can studio tours. Enjoy!