The one where I mention we're moving to Israel / by Susie Lubell

Jerusalem Arch Door
Jerusalem doorway

How's that for a zinger title?
It's been ten wonderful years but we are finally closing up shop in America folks. And moving back to Israel. Holy crap, that's right.  And we're doing it this summer. With an infant. So I'm a little overwhelmed. And a little stressed. But relieved to have made this decision because nothing sucks more than indecision. Except for hemorrhoids.

I'm excited about the move though I have no delusions that this will be easy or comfortable or enjoyable. At least for the first six to twelve twenty-four months in country. I figure if I keep my expectations very low there's a chance I'll be pleasantly surprised.  Or an opportunity for an "I told you it would be a nightmare" open dialogue with Mr. Rosen. That said, the enormity of it all is kind of making me feel like having a third baby is no big deal. When you compare it to selling your home, finding a place to live in another country, a school for your big kid, a preschool for your little kid, a job nearby for your husband, all within an hour drive to your in laws, in a good school district, in a place that's beautiful, and affordable, and not blazing hot in the summer, and move all your stuff there, by boat, and buy a car, and modify your business for international fulfillment, and find new doctors, new dentists, a replacement for Trader Joe's (as if it were possible) and be emotionally available for your distressed children all the while caring for your infant without the benefit of your own mommy nearby as you navigate the social and educational systems being the functional illiterate that you are, yes, having a third child seems like a walk in the park. This without mention of occasional bombings from Gaza. Or Lebanon. Or, even more life-threatening, the maniacal way people drive in Israel.

But here are many things I am looking forward to, in no particular order:
  • Having a bigger house. 
  • Starting fresh.
  • Getting old funky furniture from the south Tel Aviv flea market.
  • Connecting with the vibrant art and design community.
  • Shoko b'sakit (come visit me and I'll buy you one).
  • Fantastic grandparents who are available for babysitting. And sleep-overs.
  • Cheap outbound shipping (so say my Israeli ETSY comrades).
  • Long weekends in Turkey, Greece, Cypress, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt...
  • Not having to take my kids out of school for Jewish holidays.
  • Really strong lattes. Stronger than Peets.
  • Olives.
  • Fresh pita.
  • Sabbath.
  • School that's six days a week (!!)
  • Fully bilingual kids.
  • Aunt Dana and Uncle Yaniv.
  • Jerusalem.
  • The Mediterranean Sea. Despite the jellyfish.
  • Grocers calling me sweetie. (Trust me, it's endearing).
  • Getting out of traffic tickets just by speaking English. 
  • The shoes.
So I hope you won't mind if I dream and rant and process with you as this next part of our life unfolds. And Israeli readers are welcome to send information about your awesome elementary school and community. I'm all ears.