Twelfth Year / by Susie Lubell

Hi again.

It's me. Your mommy. Here to wish you another happy birthday. You have grown up so much this year. It seems that all of those trying times managing your obsession du jour - electricity, phones, raspberry pi, lego, Rubiks cube, magic, programming -  are finally paying off. I took you with me to the Apple store this summer to see what was wrong with my 2011 Macbook Pro. The guy at the genius bar practically offered you a job. I went ahead and bought myself a new Macbook Pro and gave you my old one. Not only did you help me transfer all of my files to the new machine, you installed my new operating system and new software, made sure all was working well and then completely overhauled my old laptop so that it runs like new. Whatever is broken can be fixed by looking at a YouTube video. All those years trying to undo whatever damage you unleashed by fearlessly using my computer in ways unintended was a solid investment in my future technology needs. In-house tech support is finally here and I am loving it.

It was just about that time when I was trying to figure out how to hire someone to help me with my ketubah orders. They had been piling up while we were on vacation in the US and I knew that if I wanted to grow my business I would have to find someone who was bilingual, adept at using graphic design software, and happy to work only about 5 hour a week. And someone nearby. That's when it occurred to me that you were my perfect intern! And I was right! You are an exemplary employee, tracking your hours on, asking the right questions, learning from your mistakes, taking on more responsibility little by little. What a pleasure for me to have you by my side in the studio! 

This was also the year that Boris entered your life. Boris the piano czar. I'll never forget the look on your face after you and Boris crushed Grieg's Norwegian Dance duet at your final concert in June. It was magnificent. The look, not the piece. The piece was amazing, but that look of total astonishment and satisfaction that you had was priceless. I hope you come to feel that way about everything you do and that you always have inspiring mentors to encourage your progress. Like your hockey coach and your robotics camp counselors. And your homeroom teacher. Even your cousin who became a bar mitzvah this year and totally inspired all of us. 

Indeed your passions for whatever it is and your total dedication to accomplishing your goals is an inspiration to your family. Like when you declared yourself a vegetarian this year - not an easy endeavor for someone who doesn't love vegetables. But you made up your mind about six months ago and, lentil by lentil, it looks like we're all headed in that direction. If only you'd make up your mind to keep your room tidy. Or love your siblings in a more outward manner. A mommy can dream.

Love you mieces to pieces.