Hooked / by Susie Lubell

On Sunday I took my daughter and sister-in-law, for their birthdays, to a crochet workshop in Jerusalem! Just the three of us and our fantastic teacher Shira who is a textile artist and has a studio space in the charming Designers in the City compound in the back of Nocturno Cafe at Bezalel 7 in Jerusalem (for you locals).

I had been trying to work out what to do for her on her actual birthday and since it's been rainy, anything outdoors was out. I thought about a movie or ice-skating but neither of those were realistic. So I did a search for mother daughter activity in Jerusalem (sometimes you just have to ask google directly) and that lead me to the Fun in Jerusalem website where I saw a listing for acrochet workshop! For ages 8 and older!  A two hour workshop to learn how to finger crochet a rug or basket using recycled tricot (tshirt) materials. I had been wanting to learn to crochet for ages. In fact we come from a long line of crochet goddesses, namely my Grammy, who at 91 years old crocheted the kippot for my wedding. 

So I contacted Shira who was very responsive and we set a time for late Sunday afternoon. It turned out that my sister-in-law was also free and since she and my daughter share a birthday week and they have a very close relationship, I thought it would be really special to include her. And it was awesome! Shira was amazing and worked beautifully with my daughter. The time flew and we actually learned how to crochet! And Aviv picked it up really quickly which made her feel like a million bucks, especially since by the time she'd basically made herself a hat, what I was doing looked like cat's cradle.  

And now we are hooked! Pun intended. Yesterday I went back to Jerusalem and bought four skeins of cotton yarn and we're setting out to make Aviv a circular rug for her room. Turns out you need to use a needle for this kind of skinny material, but crocheting with a needle is even easier than using your finger! 

Anyway, Shira was fantastic and is available to host birthday parties at her studio or at our home. And she's an incredible textile artist. Check out her ETSY shop and Facebook page